Saturday, November 9, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Is it Siem Reap or Siem Reab?
It was a trip that I went with my big boy early October this year.
Which is last month.
I would say Siem Reap is absolutely worth a visit. 100% guarantee that you won't regret.
If you don't mind walking.
Gentle reminder 1, if you really plan to go there, book a tour guide!
Tour guide will tell you which spot to get a nice photo.
I'm so so so regret that I decided to explore it ourselves. 
Three so(s) are still couldn't explain how regret I am.
Anyhow, still a memorable trip for US! <3

Let's begin the story...

Taking KLIA transit, two sleepy heads on the train. Lol

Our seats in the flight was allocated separately so didn't get to take any selfie together on board.
Nevermind, we had plenty of time in Siem Reap.
When we arrived at Siem Reap airport, we were picked up by a tuk-tuk from the hotel.
YES! Free airport transfer.

Another selfie on the tuk-tuk =]

It was actually raining season on October.
Everywhere was flooding. 
But NOTHING WILL STOP US! Not even flooding.

The hotel.

Pippeli is considered a new hotel.
They started their business last year May I guess. 
The tauke is a Cambodian and his wife is Australian.
Whole building only consist of nine rooms.

How how how?
Nice lehhhhhh...haha
Pool view somemore..

The only disappointment is I requested a room at higher floor when i booked it online,
But they didn't manage to arrange that for me.
It was fully booked that time.
Gentle reminder 2, call them to double confirm before you go.

Perfect breakfast we had.
Free breakfast even on the first day. Maybe because we arrived too early (9am) and the room wasn't ready yet.

We departed to Angkor Archeological Park around 11am.
Surprisingly, the sun didn't feel shy at. It's lucky for us.
Or else, our plan will just bbooofffff! That's it. 
Now i don't have to say bye bye.
Gentle reminder 3, wear a pair of comfortable old shoes.
Don't wear your favourite pair of shoes.
I prefer shoes but the big boy prefer flip-flop.
Because the land is so muddy in the temple.
I didn't want to get my feet dirty. He didn't want his shoes to be covered with mud.
So depends on yourself. 

This is how I entered the first temple. Lol.

the photos are nice right...?! We paid for it okay?
Here come the gentle reminder 4, when you are inside the temple and the local leads you around, you either reject them or ask them the price.
A local suddenly walked around with us and offered to take photo for us.
Since he was so nice, we decided to give him tips. You know what is his respond? 
He said too little and asked for USD10.
One temple USD10, 10 temples USD100.. Faint! 
Then we gave him 10000 riels. Around RM9 then we just left.
That was the first temple we visited.
With that experience, whoever talk to us, we would just say no in order to keep our wallets survive for three days.

This is my favourite temple, Bayon temple.

Sorry. I can't remember all the temples' name and I kind of mixed up all the photos.

 Pretend like I know how to read the map.

Fish amok, the lunch.

Pork curry for the big boy.

Sunset at Bakheng Mountain.

To be continue..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sony Nex-3n

Hi folks. Finally my exam was over and I'm here blogging again!
So now is your turn to say yellowwww to my new baby or friend.

obviously it's SONY.
Let me introduce to you, the NEX-3N!!!

I have struggled for so long whether to buy or not to buy.
I can't stop thinking about it while I studied for my final.
To make sure myself concentrating on revision, I decided to buy it.
What a good reason huh? *excuse 1*

I bring my camera basically to everywhere.
So light in weight is my main concern.
I was using Canon S95 previously and it still works perfectly fine.
But my sis need it (S95) to take some photos of her works.
She just need a camera that is easy to carry around. *excuse 2*
So, I get to buy a new camera. =D

Hello beautiful
Nex-3N has 180 degrees flip-screen.
For people who like Selca like me, it is wonderful!
Sometimes you wanna prove that you saw something, and you need take photo of the something with yourself in, then you will realise how good is the flip-screen.

Build-in and popped-out flash.

Bad quality photo because I took it with ipad.
I only have two cameras ma. How to take photo of both at the same time wor..
IPAD lo..
Wanna compared the size.
Left : Canon S95
Right : Sony Nex-3n

So small right?
Almost same size as a compact camera.
That's why I like it.

Can't wait explore more about it.
I'm super happy right now.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Video: Grieving Dolphin Carries Dead Calf Around For Days

I really believe dolphins are as clever as a five year child.
They can feel like human do.
My heart is aching when I see the mother carries her calf with her fin.
Too hard for her to let it go.
Just feeling sharing this video to you guys.

You can